January 18, 2013

Panda Riceball

Hi everyone, meiling's here.
Today I come with my sisters creation : PANDA RICEBALL2coqum1_th.gif
Original Idea : Berta Ang & Stefanny Ang

      Isn't it cutee??!

Ingridients :
Chu!!Seaweed paper (shape it into bow, mouth, eyes, an ears shape)
Chu!!Tomato Sauce


First of all, mix tobiko and rice until rice get orange. Then shape it into ball shape.
All you have to do now is decorate your riceball!!
Put ketchup to make blush on panda's cheek and put a piece of rice on the top of each panda's eyes.
It's Done..

January 16, 2013

Friday Morning...

Today's sky is quite bright..
Hope this day will be bright as sky too for us.
2 days ago is our dad's 45th birthday celebration. decome
So much thanks to God that gave such a responsible dad and lovely mom for us.
May God give him a sweet and joyful life for many many years ahead.
and Wish for a better relationship for our family this year....
Once again, Happy Birthday Dad.....
We Love ya...デコメ of cute emoticons